Daisy Diamond


Daisy Diamond’s sculptures and paintings explore the relationships between objects, decay, and the subtleties of material memory. Informed by their training in studying the degradation and physical care of material culture within the field of art conservation, Daisy creates visual objects that resists simple categorization and emphasize our relationships to objects as sites of ritual and historical reckoning. They have a BA in Art and Visual Culture from Bates College and are currently completing a MS in Art Conservation at the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation. If you want to say hi, discuss collaborations, or mail Daisy a box of tchotchkes, reach out at diamond.daisy@gmail.com



2023 to 2026 – MS in Art Conservation. Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation. Wilmington, DE.

2015 to 2019 – BA in Art and Visual Culture, cum laude. Bates College. Lewiston, ME.

2017 to 2018 – Visiting Student. Rhode Island School of Design. Providence, RI.


2024 – (Upcoming) Group Exhibition curated by Kimi Pryor, AUTOMAT Gallery. Philadelphia, PA.

2024 – (Upcoming) Group Exhibition curated by Ash Fritzsche, Da Vinci Art Alliance. Philadelphia, PA.

2023 – Quiet Moments, Dream Clinic Project Space. Columbus, OH.

2023 – Painting is Frozen Music, Vox Populi. Curated by Jim Strong. Philadelphia, PA.

2023 Common Thread, Creative York Gallery. York, PA.

2023 – Examining the Domain of Domestic Arts, FireWorks Gallery. Curated by Zakiyah Stewart. Camden, NJ.

2023 – Signs of Life, Juried Virtual Exhibition, Ely Center of Contemporary Art. New Haven, CT/Virtual.

2022 – Betwixt and Between, Juried Virtual Exhibition, Project Gallery V. New York, NY/Virtual.

2022 – $99 Sale Exhibition, Vox Populi. Philadelphia, PA.

2022 – Queer Ecologies, William Way Community Center. Curated by Irving Xchel Chan Gomez, Alec Rogers & Shanna Mitchell. Philadelphia, PA.

2022 – WILD/MILD, Vox Populi. Philadelphia, PA.

2021 – Print and Sculpture Consignment, Perrotin Store. New York, NY.

2021 – CraftNow, NextFab Gallery. Philadelphia, PA.

2021 – Faculty Show, Fleisher Art Memorial Gallery. Philadelphia, PA.

2021 – Summer Institute Exhibition, The Jewish Museum. New York, NY/Virtual.

2021 – Moving Forward When the Earth Stopped, William Way Gallery. Curated by Chelsey Luster & Alec Rogers. Philadelphia, PA/Virtual.

2019 – Art and Visual Culture Studio Thesis Exhibition, Bates College Museum of Art at the Olin Arts Center. Lewiston, ME.

2017 – Annual Animation Screening, Bates College Museum of Art. Lewiston, ME.

Residencies, Fellowships, and Workshops

2024 – Glass Casting Workshop, Peters Valley School of Craft. Sandyston Township, NJ.

2022 – Iron Studio Residency and Fellowship. Penland School of Craft. Penland, NC.

2021 – Virtual Summer Institute Creative Project at The Jewish Museum. New York, NY and Virtual.

2019 – Community Engaged Research Fellow, Harward Center for Community Partnerships. Lewiston, ME.

Grants and Scholarships

2024 – Making their Mark Scholarship, Peters Valley School of Craft. Sandyston Township, NJ.

2023 – Graduate Fellowship (full tuition and stipend), Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation. Wilmington, DE.

2022 – Illuminate the Arts Grant, Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy. Philadelphia, PA.

2022 – Grant Award, Society of Inclusive Blacksmiths. USA.

2019 – Student Research Fund Grant, Harward Center for Community Partnerships. Lewiston, ME.

2016 – Community Engagement Grant, Harward Center for Community Partnerships. Lewiston, ME.

Artist Talks, Panel Discussions, and Presentations

2023 – Panel Discussion: Exhibition Closing Reception for Examining the Domain of Domestic Arts. Fireworks Gallery. Camden, NJ.

2022 – Artist Talk:  “Queer ecologies: collections care as community care," Queer Ecologies exhibition opening, William Way LGBT+ Community Center Archives and Gallery. Philadelphia, PA.

2022 – Presentation: “Cultural heritage in the past, present, and future," Virtual Summer Institute 2022, The Jewish Museum. New York, NY and Virtual.

2022 – Artist Talk and Guest Critic: Moore College of Art and Design. Philadelphia, PA.

2021 – Artist Talk: “Vessel of Sewn Memory: caring for objects across generations," Virtual Summer Institute 2021, The Jewish Museum. New York, NY and Virtual.

2018 – Presentation: “Collaborative Reading Practices,” Convening for Contemporary Art, Education, and Social Justice; The New Museum. New York, NY.

2018 – Panel discussion: “Art for Social Change,” Mount David Annual Summit. Bates College Department of Art. Lewiston, ME.

Press and Publications

2024 – Print for distribution at annual conference “What do we hold onto? What do we let go?” hosted by the Maine Humanities Council and Bangor Arts Exchange. Portland, ME.

2023 – Painting is Frozen Music, by Lane Timothy Speidel, published by Artblog. Philadelphia, PA.

2023 – Bat City Issue #19, Bat City Review published by University of Texas. Austin, TX.

2023 – "Women's Work” Makes Bold Statements, Yields Nuanced Thoughts, by Shen Shellenberger, published by Discover Jersey Arts. NJ.

2023 – FireWorks Exhibit Recognizes Unconventional Artwork, by Neill Borowski, published by TAPintoCamden. Camden, NJ.

2022 – "Vessel of Sewn Memory," Issue #8: Collect, published by Space on Space Magazine. Los Angeles, CA.

2021  – “Sefirot,” Mother Tongue: Ki Li Ha'aretz, published by Linke Fligl.

2021  – “dwelling within coiled time,” There Is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart: Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists, published by AK Press.

2020 – “lady of the sutures,” Issue #3: Contracting at the Seams, published by PROTOCOLS.

2020 – “Never Again Means Close The Camps,” published by Radical Jewish Calendar Project 5781.

2019 – Video Feature, Voices from the Class of 2019, produced and published by Bates College Center for Purposeful Work.

2016 – Research, Microscopy, and Evolutionary Biology Illustrations; Post-reproductive parthenogenetic pea aphids (Acyrthosiphon pisum) are visually identifiable and disproportionately positioned distally to clonal colonies; published by PeerJ.

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